Reading Journal 100 Book Challenge Gift for Readers – Mandala Notebook


Reading Journal 100 Book Challenge Gift for Readers: 120 page notebook for tracking a year of reading one hundred books including book shelf, page tracker and TBR list.


This reading journal covers a year of reading 100 books.

Do you see all those lovely bullet journals people create and wish you had one? Wish no more. We’ve done the creative work for you so all you need to do is fill it it!

The first 8 pages offer yearly trackers for visual progress, a TBR list and daily goals, as well as spaces to note and quote.

The following 100 pages are a place to note each book you read, along with its author, cover, synopsis, themes, and rating. Plus space to note protagonist, pov and best and worst characters.

The final 10 pages are traditional bullet journal dotted pages for you to customise yourself in any way you want. Create your own habit trackers, lists, notes, or just to doodle away in.

This is a great way of not only tracking your reading goals, but to create a beautiful journal for you to look back on in years to come. We have many different cover designs. So come back and order a new one each year to add to your book journal shelf.


  • Page 1: Title page and introduction to reading journal.
  • Page 2-3: Book shelf graphics to colour in as a visual tracker of books read.
  • Page 4-5: TBR (to be read) list with one hundred spaces.
  • Page 6: Reading (page) tracker with a pixel grid and key for you to fill in colours of your choice.
  • Page 7: A genre tracks and a format tracker (with keys) for you to colour in.
  • Page 8-9: Notes and quotes. Graphic note spaces for you to fill in your memorable reading moments.
  • Page 10-109: A book a page review. Note title, author, book cover, start and finish date and much much more.
  • Page 110-119: Traditional blank bullet journal pages for you to create your own trackers, notes, doodle, or whatever.
  • Page 120: Imprint page.


  • Handy 6” x 9” (15.24cm x 22.86cm) size
  • 120 black and white pages
  • Colourful dot mandala cover design

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